A Challenge to Continue Education


Okay, whether it’s finishing high school, or going fullsizerender-5to college, please don’t let being a single mother detour you from accomplishing those fantastic goals. I hope that a lot of people agree with me when I say education is so important. It is something that NO ONE can take from you. Once you have it, it is yours forever. Now, what is great to our benefit is that we are in the year 2016 meaning there are various ways one can obtain education. Of course, there are online classes, hybrid courses-where it is online and in person, you can also take a course that is once a week, opposed to courses that are 2, 3 or 4 days a week. One can even take a course through Skype or take a weekend class. The variety will allow you to plan for daycare and study-time so it won’t be as overwhelming and stressful if those resources weren’t available. The thing is, if one wants to further their education, nothing will get in their way. What it will do, (going to school) will allow the person to become more responsible, driven, and persistent due to them having to juggle being a single mother and going to school. I just love being educated, I just love being able to have different conversations with a lot of different people from various backgrounds, due to my education. It is a great thing to be educated. It is one of the best things that one can do in one’s life, (other than bringing a wonderful child on the world of course ;). So basically, what I am trying to say is, everything will fall into place regarding your responsibilities of being a single mother and getting that degree that you-ever-so-wanted. So, stay persistent!!…:)…until next time, be BLESSED!!! 🙂


One thought on “A Challenge to Continue Education”

  1. Man I needed to read this. I forgot all about weekend class. Thanks for reminder. More motivation to keep me going!!!!


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