Very Overwhelming

Patience. Patience. Patience . Yes, I know it is easier said than done. Sometimes I get so frustrated with everything that I must do, in regards to my children. Like assisting my five-year-old with her homework who gives me a hard time in the process or when my pre-teen takes my belongings and continues to lie about it. So, with me being the only parent in the home, I literally have no one to talk to regarding my household. That makes me want to give up and run away. Like just leave!! Thank God those thoughts be temporary because the Lord knows I am nothing without my children. So, then I’ll come back to reality and tell myself to shut the hell up and accept the fact that my children need me JUST as much as I need them. This allows me to count my blessings and see how far I have come. And to also realize that I’m doing fantastic, even being a single mother :). Remember PERCEPTION! Life is what you make it. Life is the choices you make and living with those choices. Which brings me back to having¬†patience. In my opinion, patience is not taught, it is learned. I have learned to make patience a skill. A skill that has made me not to make rational decisions but to sit back, relax and think it through. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel :)… so until next time, be BLESSED.


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