So not Easy

fullsizerender-6With every big responsibility, such as raising children, of course it’s not going to be easy. How to deal with a child who is or becomes rebellious, or how to deal with a child that just needs more attention than the other children. There are countless situations that will arise which make being a single mother not so easy. Sometimes it might even feel like the bad outweighs the good. So, what do you do at times like these? Well, what I do first is pray, because there are always answers that are revealed to me in a spiritual way. Then everything else seems to fall into place. My spirituality has helped me get through turmoil…mainly with my eldest child who is now twelve years old. There were times where I would be in my room and cry my eyes out from her bad behavior. Not realizing that she just wanted more attention from me that I was lacking to give her. Accountability, I must be accountable for my actions or lack thereof. Even though I have multiple children, spending little specified time with each of them will make a world of difference. From my experience of being a parent, children just want to feel loved, feel like they matter and important. It doesn’t take a lot to please a child. By knowing your child, you know what you can do to “please” them. Of course, this is only to a certain extent. Remember we must stay the parent, we are not their friends, we are not the “big homie”. We must stay in a parent’s place. This is my opinion, yours may differ. This have worked for me so I’m sticking to it. Until next time…Be Blessed 🙂


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