A need to #SeparateYourself

    Even though I had children at a young age, every day I continue to try to not fall into the negative statistics that society will place me. What I mean by this is doing things for my children that some single parents keyword “some” normally do not or “cannot” do. I try my best NOT to become a victim of that. Separating myself. I do everything in my power to give them the best life that I can. They deserve it and for darn sure they didn’t ask to be here. So, they shouldn’t have to suffer in life due my choices. A word comes to mind…SACRIFICE. I had to sacrifice a lot of my time and a lot of things that I wanted to do for myself. Those that know me may say that I can be selfish and spoiled. To be honest, I am at times (you can thank my mother), but, a big BUT, when it comes to my children that goes out the window. On the contrary, by bettering (separating) myself, like getting a college education, I strive for that deeply because I know my children and I can benefit from that. Even if it just for them to say “Hey! My mom has 6 AA degrees”. That’s an accomplishment.  Whether I like or not, I am their role model so I have set the bar high. My way of doing this is extracurricular activities (or course), encouraging them to learn a second language, taking college courses while they still in high school. Different positive things that will set them apart from the “ordinary”. Instill in them to become business owners as opposed to them working for someone who owns a business. I can and will do this as a single mother and you can too. Trust!! I know that situations can be very difficult, and you may be thinking that there’s no way that you can achieve all those things as single mother, when you must work to provide shelter and the necessities for your children. I totally get it. BUT, there’s that word again, if you truly want to achieve those positive scenarios for your children, everything will fall into place and everything will work out. Recognizing faith is a result of this. Having faith will answer all the questions and doubts that you may have. Just keep pushing forward, regardless of what obstacles may come your way. Do the Heisman to the negative distraction that will arise. Use tunnel vision to accomplish what you want to achieve and to assist your children to be the best that they can be. Again, Separate yourself!!!

  …I hope you guys like my posts thus far, I enjoying writing them. So, until next time… Be Blessed 🙂






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