Have you wondering where did the time go?

Long time don’t see! I know I’ve been M.I.A. Obviously, a lot has been going on. And to be completely honest with myself, I had contracted the lazy bug. Being a blogger takes a lot of time and commitment. Especially if you want to see some kind of results. Anywho, I’m back with a new lease on life and a new lease on a townhome. I just moved, yay for me. In addition, a few weeks from now I’ll be one year over 30. Then in mid-June, I’ll be the mother of a 13-year-old. I do not know where the time went but what I do know is that time don’t wait for nobody. So there is no time for laziness and procrastination, two things I’ve seemed to master. This is me making an affirmation to myself that laziness and procrastination will no longer be apart of my life. There I’ve done it, now I have to live up to it. Ready…set… here we go! On to achieving goals and being successful. Until next time. Blessings!


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