Realizing procrastination gets you nowhere.

          Procrastination is the thief of time.                                      -Edward Young 

 If you have read my last post, you may have read where I touched on procrastination. Over these past few months, I have realized that it has gotten me nowhere. I do give myself a break a little because there was a lot going on in my world, however, if I could have put some time in on social media and Netflix,  I should have put in some time on my blog.  Now that I have my priorities in order, I’m so excited to be back. Given that procrastination is something that we hate but we tend to do and extremely easy to do, it could be hard to not do it. Sometimes when we are doing it we don’t  realize the negative repercussions that may arise. This has led me to make a vow to no longer be a procrastinator. I rebuke it and it is no longer in my character. I really hope you guys feel similar to the way I feel about procrastination. Being that one will have a real hard time achieving goals and success while procrastinating is still lingering. Now don’t get me wrong, it is surely easier said than done. First making the decision to remove it then putting it in action, which can be the REAL challenge. There is no stopping you after that. Then you’ll be like a bull ramming through the gates of success. (I know I’m too much, but you get the picture). This is my little tid bit on procrastination, I hope you can take something from it. Until next time, Be Blessed!


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