Of course having children isn’t easy, especially having them right out of high school. And by the time I was 19, I was a mother of two. Meaning my two oldest are only 13 months apart. Some may say, what in the heck was she thinking? Truth is I was not thinking, I was not thinking about my future. I was not thinking of what I was getting myself into. I just “thought” that I was in “Love” and I will be with this person forever. NOT…. then reality hits and I’m left single with two children. What to do now? Ball up in a corner and cry my eyes out and be depressed because I am feeling like a failure? NO!!! My children needed me, they need me to be strong and they needed me to be THERE. So I went to college, got a decent paying job, obtain my own place to live and I’ve been on my own since then, with my children of course, for the past 11 years. I’ve since then had another child who is 5 years old and I also took in niece that I take care of full-time. Wow!!, How do you do it? Is what most people say when I tell them the responsibilities I have. I say a lot of “hand-me downs” and food giveaways. LOL. The thing is, we should not be ashamed of the resources that can be provided for us.  The role of a single mother has its pro and cons, just like the role of a married women with children. How do we deal with the cons? Do we just give up or do we become proactive and make the best of it? Realizing our children are a tremendous blessing that we should cherish.